About us

Company Profile

Xu Longhua, the founder of SHENZHEN QIANHAI SPECIAL AGEL ECOMMERCE LTD (WOOK), The first B2B mobile e-commerce platform in Indonesia. WOOK is dedicated in linking high-quality brands in China with the market in Indonesia WOOK currently has 17 branch offices, more than 14,000 3C digital product retailers and a energetic marketing team which has more than 400 salesmen across Indonesia. The A and A plus round financing of WOOK are jointly invested by former Tencent senior executive vice president and Weiguang Venture And Investment founder Wu Xiaoguang,DANEN Ventures Ling Daihong,YUANZHENG Capital,Dark Horse Ventures and Chang'an Capital. B round of financing is lead-invested by Masion Capital who has been successfully invested in DJI, co-invested by Founder Danen Capital, a total of 150 million RMB . At present, 3C digital and life tide categories of WOOK such as smartphone accessories, computer accessories, UAV quadcopters, backpacks, cups, intelligent travel have been growing by leaps and bounds. Philips and SONY have been settled in WOOK APP,more international brands will join the platform. Besides,upgrading thousands of 2.0 terminal retail stores and opening 100 3.0 terminal WOOKSHOP shops are in plan. What's more, WOOK owns brand VIVAN and ROBOT which occupy the largest and most comprehensive coverage of 3C digital accessories in Indonesia

Platform Value
  • Supply chain platform

  • After-sales support

  • Shop Smart WIFI (mobile application and game distribution, cloud CRM management software, traffic analysis, user-behavior analysis)

  • Marketing services (terminal establishing, staff training, promotion supporting, unsalable inventory auctioning )

Platform Innovation
  • Flat channel

    WOOK directly assists the Indonesian retailers in docking products of outstanding brand in China and provides complete supply chain service and after-sales service

  • Retailers Community Service

    Achieve community management of cooperated retailers, share outstanding peer experiences, strengthen interaction between WOOK and retailers, provide accurate service

  • IT Operation

    A completely self-developed operating platform, achieve IT management of data through ERP systems with higher efficiency and more accurate data

  • Presell and group-buying mode

    Through the mode of presell and group-buying, achieving precise purchasing to reduce the risk of inventory; achieving large-scale purchasing to reduce procurement costs

Development path

During these 7 years, the resellers of Wook have already covered the main large and medium-sized cities of Indonesia. At present, there are more than 14000 offline marketing outlets and the number grows at an annual rate of 30% continuously. Indonesia general agency brands: Tenda, DJI, Delux, Syma and other well-known Chinese 3C digital brands.

2017 year

On May, 2017, Wook got grade B Funding of 150 million RMB from Maison Capital and followed by Founder Danen Capital. This financing will be used to help WOOK in the following aspects. First, expand new product category. Second, build local sales and marketing team. Third, create a new retail franchise chainstore system - WookShop. Fourth, try out new bussiness models.

2016 year

Since 2016, WOOK has already entered the fields like fashionable daily necessities and home building materials. It takes the advantages of integrating the Chinese supply chain and heavily operating of the Indonesian market to expand business categories as well as creating a new retail franchise chainstore system with a strong identification-WookShop.

2015 year

WOOK achieved tens of millions of A+ round financing in July. It has established 21 branch offices in various provinces throughout Indonesia. Hundreds of mainland brands such as DJI, Inmotion, Airwheel, Huntkey, ORICO, TENDA stepped in Indonesia through WOOK.

2014 year

In November, four well-known VC investment institutions have accomplished A round financing for WOOK successfully. And B2B mobile electronic business platform “WOOK” was founded.

2013 year

Thailand Branch of VIVAN was established and the annual sales exceeded 200 million RMB. ”ROBOT”-the second brand of 3C digital accessories was created

2012 year

With the rapid development of the company's business, the annual sales exceeded 100 million RMB. The Hongkong branch of VIVAN and the Shenzhen branch of VIVAN were founded

2011 year

Survive from the hardship of entrepreneurship in the early days and achieve annual sales up to one million RMB level

2010 year

Founded in Indonesia at the end of the year, created brand “VIVAN”, focused on high-end market of 3C digital accessories