Business cooperation

Indonesia is a young country which has the fourth largest population over the world (260 millions ), 60% of the population is under 30 years old and per capita income of 2003 is $ 3,500.

WOOK was positioned to become a mobile e-commerce platform for connecting the outstanding enterprises and high-quality products in China with retailers in Indonesia at its inception.

WOOK advocates the principle of open-minded and integrity, hoping to cooperate with enterprises (no matter big or small) which care about product quality.

Cooperation process
  • 1Factories connection and first check

    After connecting with the principal of WOOK, factories offers company profile, introduction and several samples, and then professional staff of WOOK will research factories and test samples.

  • 2Factory Verification

    After confirming the qualification of factory and sample, quality department of WOOK will arrange special team to verify factories, meanwhile WOOK will arrange specialized personnel to determine the details with the manufacturer

  • 3Contract signed

    After verifying the factory successfully and both sides confirming the business items, WOOK will sign the cooperation contract with the manufacturer to safeguard the rights and interests of both sides. The formal cooperation will be set up after the contract is sighed.

  • 4Product uploading

    WOOK will confirm the best product line with the manufactures according to the market demands of Indonesia, then they provide details and dedicated staff of WOOK will upload them to guarantee products online timely.

  • 5Data sharing

    WOOK provides real-time sales data and average sale level of similar products, and then factories can adjust product line timely to meet marketing demands according to the data provided.

Statement of responsibility
  • 1The products manufactures offering to WOOK must satisfy relevant standard of both China and Indonesia, and meet the quality required by the specification or warranty book.

  • 2There are no defects in the design, material or manufacturing process of the products. Moreover, they are safe to use.

  • 3The product does not infringe intellectual property rights of any third party, manufactures bear all losses caused by the infringement, not WOOK.

  • 4Products are brand-new and any used accessory is not included.

  • 5As for the certification required by Indonesia, manufacturers should cooperate actively, and WOOK will take advantage of local personnel in Indonesia to help manufactures complete certification with the lowest costs.