Indonesia B2B mobile e-commerce“WOOK”is officially released, obtaining 30 million yuan of A round of financing


At the HEIMA ceremony hold in Shenzhen on December 16th,2014 , “WOOK”was officially released and attracted investment from the best companies and brands in China.

WOOK obtained 30 million yuan of A round of financing, jointly invested by DANEN VENTURES, Tencent former CEO Wu Xiaoguang, Yang Xiangyang of Resource Investment and HEIMA Fund.

WOOK is an international platform connecting China’s high-quality brands with Indonesia retailers. On the one hand, WOOK provides direct flat channel of more than 10,000 retailers in Indonesia for brand dealers in China, and it has a strong local team in Indonesia to help companies achieve rapid growth there; on the other hand, it provides supply chain platform, service support and supply chain finance service for retailers in Indonesia

WOOK is affiliated with Indonesia VIVAN Telecom CO. Limited which was founded in the end of 2010 by Xu Longhua. He focused on accessories of smartphones, tablets and computers , and created the brand “VIVAN” which is the first brand of 3C digital accessories in Indonesia now.

In Indonesia, it already has a perfect distribution and retail network and more than 10000 retail outlets. Focusing on the future development of enterprises, Xu Longhua forecast the blueprint of e-commerce in Indonesia in 2013. After learning the advantages of China's manufacturing and the needs of Indonesian market, and studying from outstanding Internet company in China, he decided to establish a B2B mobile e-commerce platform which merges O2O mode to graft the most excellent manufacturing to consumer demand in Indonesia.