The founder of WOOK Xu Longhua is seclected as the disciple of Tencent CEO


After the registration and interview, The first phase learners of Tencent entrepreneurship camp are recently made public. Evergreen entrepreneurship camp is created by Tencent Public Space and Yangtze Chuang Chuang Community, there are more than 400 founders of start-up companies to register, after being interviewed by powerful tutors consisting of Tencent, CKGSB and the third party, 40 candidates stood out. Admission list is as following。

According to the statistics, among the 40 entrepreneurs learners, 28 are at A stage, accounting for 70%; 8 at B stage for 20%; and 4 at pre - A stage 4 for10%. All these 40 start-up companies are valued more than 28 billion. As an international mobile B2B platform connecting high quality Chinese brand products with Indonesia retailers, the founder of WOOK Xu Longhua was selected as the disciple of Tencent CEO.

On July 22nd, 2015, Evergreen entrepreneurship camp started in headquarters of Tencent in Shenzhen. 40 students witnessed the opening ceremony with executives of Tencent, top professors and alumni of CKGSB , senior experts, investors and entrepreneurs in various fields, and started a three-day learning and communicating.